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The Shoot-the-Chutes

Every couple of months or so, we will examine a featured attraction at Riverview. Here you will be able to learn more about different attractions ranging from the smallest sideshow to the large coasters.
One of the favorite attractions at Riverview was the Shoot-the-Chutes, known as the Chutes for short. While many patrons rode this thrilling ride, few knew how old the Chutes really was.

It was constructed in 1907 as an outside concession by the former owner of the Shoot-the-Chutes at Chutes Park, Chicago. Chutes Park originally was located at Drexel Boulevard and 61st Street and in 1896, relocated to the intersection of Jackson Boulevard and Kedzie Avenue on the west side. Once Chutes Park went out of business at the end of the 1906 season, he needed a new home for his ride. Rather than move his existing ride, the concessionaire built a larger, more elaborate one.
In the early years of the ride, it had a large sign on top reading, "Ride the Chutes in Fairyland". A large monster mouth surrounded the tunnel which all riders had to pass through to reach the elevator to the top.
After a rehab in the 1920s, the sign and the monster mouth were removed. The beautiful globe lights that lined the outside of the Chutes were replaced with more utilitarian looking goose-neck lamps running down the center of the ride. The ride was just as thrilling though!
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