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Kasper's Chutes Model

I worked at Riverview Park from 1962-1965. I was 17 years old at the time. It was my first real job. I really can't say it was a job, I was having too much fun. The pay wasn't much, but it didn't matter, I would work there for nothing.

For two years I worked as a "boatman" on the "CHUTES" and for the other two years, I worked up in the tower(the guy who dumped the boats down the Chutes). The atmosphere was great, especially at night, the lights, the sounds, and the girls. To me the CHUTES was the best ride to work on, because it was the only ride were you got to ride with the girls...I mean people. I still remember the recording that played all day and all night. KEEP YOUR HANDS INSIDE THE BOAT. DON'T GRAB THE SIDE OF THE BOAT. HOLD ON TO THE HANDLES, over and over and over! It's burnt into my memory.

I have fond memories of the park. One day, I decided to build a model of the CHUTES in H.O. scale. I started in 1992 and it took about 2 years to build. I am still not finished with it, but I hope one day I'll have it finished, and have it functional, with the elevator bringing the boats to the top ...and down the ramp.

Here's a little info about it. It's 9 feet long, holds 2 and a half gallons of water...(clean water) No leeches, no cigarette butts, or stuffed animals floating by. Sometimes you might see a boatman taking a dip on a hot summer day. Thanks for viewing.

Jerry Kasper
Sharpshooters Productions, Inc.

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