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Remembering Two-Ton Baker

Written by Ken Kwilinski

Just watched LAUGH YOUR TROUBLES AWAY. It was great! Got it as a gift from my wife this Christmas. Boy did it bring back memories. After watching the video I went and checked out the website. I decided to add something I didn't see mentioned in the Riverview memories section. Instead of talking about the rides I thought I'd mention the Riverview commercials that I remember seeing on the ol' tube.

I can remember those old 30 second commercials that would show a roller coaster coming down the turn and stuffed into the front car would be (Dick) Two Ton Baker singing a little ditty during the commercial. When the coster would come to a halt he'd be laughing and he'd say; "Laugh your troubles away at Riverview!" A off screen anouncer would then come on and say something like "Riverview Amusment Park at Western & Belmont. Fun for everyone!"

Two Ton Baker was a well known Chicago celebrity back in those days. He was known for some of his silly songs he recorded and TV and radio shows he hosted. Anyone remember "The Soup Song"? I'm sure if you heard it now, you will say you heard it before. But the one thing Two Ton Baker is probably best remembered for are those 30 second Riverview commercials. I don't think I'll ever forget them. Anytime I think of Riverview, I also remember Two Ton and those commercials. Great times!
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